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SK Café Brooke Hots Pvt. Ltd.(Café Brooke) is well known in Tea & Coffee Vending  Industries was Established in 2005 one of the  Pioneer of Coffee Vending Industries. The Company under his dynamic leadership and show of Power & Strength has achieved a millstone of 4 years. ....more>>


The interaction with the market has motivated us to bring you the complete solution for your entire range of vending requirements. What distinguishes us from others is that we have a in-house production of Vending machines, Instant Tea, Instant Coffee, (Premixes) and most of the essential components that go in the manufacture and service of the complete vending machines while others depend heavily on either borrowed machines or borrowed products to serve.

Our objective is not to sell svending machines but to provide the complete vending service, which will be an experience by itself for our customers. To achieve this objective we are equipped with a dedicated team of dealers and distributors spread in all the major cities in India to take care of your needs at instant notice.

Today we stand on the threshold of an exciting new era beckoning us towards lofty goals. With this background, we are ready to serve all our customers with the network that is dedicated for everlasting, efficient INSIND FOOD services to ensure total customer satisfaction which will be our prime motto.

There are innumerable manufacturer’s claiming state of art technology or being the best. We too claim the same. The only difference is that we back it up. Every claimer has a claim to his superiority only in the geographical area where they conduct their manufacturing activities. Other areas they are not present or they do not have the infrastructure to provide the required service backup or they will depend on the premix supplier for maintenance of the machine. We proudly state that we provide service and trouble shooting at the customers installation and also across the net !.